Deakins Construction strives to deliver the best quality in the business

Deakins Construction has poured the highest level of honesty and quality into the concrete business bringing pride to the Walton Kentucky community since the day we opened our doors. Deakins started their family business by hiring trustworthy and hardworking people they could count on to deliver the best customer service to the Northern Kentucky area. Deakins specializes in new construction and has become one of the most reliable names in residential development projects. 

When the job requires a reliable experienced concrete solution Deakins Construction has the team and the methods to do it right. We believe in a high level of professionalism on the job site and require our team to utilize the safest practices. When we agree to a do a job its a promise to give each customer our best each and every time. Call one of our direct lines above and you will be greeted by a friendly helpful voice that can take the time to understand your needs and quickly deliver a Deakins Contruction solution. 

What it means to be backed by Deakins

When Deakins Construction completes a job it is done the right way. We stand behind our work. From our ownership down we want our company to be a leader in the community by providing a reliable service and a long lasting product. 

Working with Deakins means being able to rely on our team to be on time and ready to provide you with our services. We have successful Residential, Commercial, New Construction and Repair projects that have been done the Deakins way. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

We encourage you to visit our projects page and take a closer look at how using Deakins Construction for your concrete needs makes a difference in the finished product. Get the right concrete contractor the first time.